Compiler quality

One of the comments to the previous post got me thinking about testing code on the same machine under various compilers. It is fairly well known that the Intel compilers emit code that doesn’t select reasonable operational paths on AMD processors, which usually results in identical binaries having vast performance difference on very similar platforms. […]

Quick note to people who register and don’t get emails …

Sorry about that, but it looks like some email domains are still using DULs that contain business DSL and business cable modem. If you are having trouble getting the emails, please use either a, or similar (saner) email system. They generally do not have problems getting email to them. And they don’t use RBLs/DULs. […]

Why does IE do things the way IE does?

I keep running into small (brick) walls with IE (mis)features. The latest one was when IE likes to send the whole file name … including path and drive … as the file upload name. The previous one was when IE refused to do the AJAXified file upload progress meter. Works on all the other browsers […]

What he said …

John West has a good article on a phenomenon in HPC. Generally speaking there is a disconnect between chip vendors and final customers. This disconnect often means that high performance computing solutions vendor (like my day job) often have to deal with … well … interesting and exciting problems, in supply, quality, and so on. […]

New article up

Over at Linux Magazine, they have a multi-core cookbook. This is a site dedicated to pragmatic HPC topics … more than just HPC, as everyone has to deal with multi-core these days. The question is how to program them. I wrote an article (well first of three, two written and submitted, third one I am […]

Paying too much for graphics … companies …

That bastion of accurate reporting, Valleywag, has a short note on AMD taking a charge for the ATI acquiisition. Quite a few of us questioned the wisdom of the move at the time. nVidia would have made more sense, but given the market caps, it would have been nVidia acquiring AMD, and that isn’t likely […]

As the market (rapidly) grows

We have been pointing out for a long while that the HPC market is growing at a break-neck pace. The latest IDC numbers, continue to support these claims. Many places have the numbers and the analysis. Pointing to HPCwire’s analysis: The total HPC server revenue in Q3 worked out to $3.0 billion, which represents an […]

Lots of others have noticed as well … [Updated]

It is becoming clearer and clearer that we aren’t the only ones calling on AMD to do something about the Barcelona issue. AMD has too much invested in the system to be acting the way it is, damaging its relationship the way it is. Some of the others are simply suggesting a fessing up to […]