From /., I saw an article on non-competes. It made the claim that they are the DRM of human capital. DRM is, for all intents and purposes, digital rights management, which is post sales control over assets. Human capital is a euphemism of course, for people … knowledge workers specifically (which is itself a euphemism … )
What struck me (as a Michigander of about 2 decades now) was this snippet:

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I understand the AMD Barcelona issues now

I spoke with the AMD folks during SC and afterwords. Someone leaked the info yesterday, and today on the x86_64 discussion group, the errata and patches were detailed. I have had the patches for a few days now, and have a bios update I need to apply to a motherboard.
That said, what this is, is a particular TLB-cache interaction, that under a very specific set of circumstances, will trigger a machine check exception, and hang a machine.
While quite a few of you will knowingly wink at each other that this is the reason that 2350s are so hard to get, I think there may be other reasons. Yes there is a stop ship now, that is what is being reported. But the first batches (quite a few) went to folks whom have been waiting for them for a while. Large processor count machines.

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Not up yet, but … two articles coming soon to a site near you

Check out Doug Eadline’s MultiCore Cookbook at Linux Magazine. Kudos to LM for continuing efforts to promote all manner of relevant articles. Sadly, some web publications may call this “zealotry” or similar, but as Linux continues to dominate HPC, and HPC does in fact continue to grow at a blistering pace, it appears that LM … Read moreNot up yet, but … two articles coming soon to a site near you