Paying too much for graphics … companies …

That bastion of accurate reporting, Valleywag, has a short note on AMD taking a charge for the ATI acquiisition. Quite a few of us questioned the wisdom of the move at the time. nVidia would have made more sense, but given the market caps, it would have been nVidia acquiring AMD, and that isn’t likely to have happened.
Well, as John at InsideHPC reported earlier in the week, AMD was not exactly rolling in the good news over the past two weeks. Better to get it al out now.

What AMD needs to do now is execute. Hard and fast. And that means setting timelines, believeable ones, and hitting them.
Without making mistakes.
The Barcelona bug was a bug. The way it has been handled is a mistake.
Buying ATI was a mistake … well, the amount of money they paid for it was a mistake. Which they seem to have admitted this week.