Quick note to people who register and don't get emails …

Sorry about that, but it looks like some email domains are still using DULs that contain business DSL and business cable modem. If you are having trouble getting the emails, please use either a gmail.com, or similar (saner) email system. They generally do not have problems getting email to them. And they don’t use RBLs/DULs. Go figure.

You may have seen me complain in the past about RBLs and their evil twin, DULs before. If not, you should speak with your email provider and let them know that they are using technology that is effectively non-functional for stopping spam, and damaging to legitimate users and businesses running their own (non-spamming) mail systems attached to the net via their lower cost business cable modem or DSL service.
We can’t fix their problems, and we aren’t going to work around them to enable them to continue their misuse of technology. It is up to them to comprehend the damage they are doing, and fix it. Its up to you to let them know that they are damaging your legitimate use of the technology by preventing you from receiving requested emails.

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