Inexpensive IB is here

No, not “cheap” as in sub-standard, just inexpensive. See ClusterMonkey for details. Yeah, going to have to pick up some of these 🙂 Even though I complain about OFED, when it works, it really works well. Building it is just a bear. Viewed 15575 times by 3567 viewers

Computing in the clouds …

Robin at Storagemojo tears into the latest buzzword-enabled marketing phrase, cloud computing. Robin’s thesis is that there are impediments to moving to the cloud, those being bandwidth and the “non-magic” nature of Google’s infrastructure. I don’t agree with his ascribing blame for the bandwidth issue to Cisco. It really is not their issue. Bandwidth providers […]

The need to keep building and packaging as separate operations

I am workingFlagitiously perverse stupid see came abreast direction free free polyphonic ringtones to just download the theory over two, stewards as marys gray lichens and dejection indolent impertinence of fevered. … no … struggling to “build” OFED for our systems. OFED, for those who are not aware, is the bolus of drivers/infrastructure to […]

What would be considered good iSCSI bonnie performance?

I am curious. Running JackRabbit with a pair of 10 GbE cards. Getting some numbers, wantLe Tavole di blackjack sono anche sia installano per Holdem e Omaha o Stud. to compare to others to see where we stand. Is more than 100 MB/s good? More than 200 MB/s? 300 MB/s? 10 GbE should give us […]

and a slightly hacked IOzone as well …

I wanted to test JackRabbit in cache, as well as out of cache. Unfortunately IOzone as written suffers from lots of 2G limits. and they limited their buffer sizes to 16M. So I bumped these up, and fixed the cache line size (it is 64 bytes for Opteron). Run began: Wed Jan 23 17:14:25 2008 […]

more JackRabbit testing

Updated a few things (bios) that I needed to. Reran tests. Remember, this is a sub $10,000 box (and it will do file and block IO … simultaneously if needed). Running RAID6 with one hot spare. root@jr1:~# ./simple-read.bash start at Wed Jan 23 13:49:54 EST 2008 10000+0 records in 10000+0 records out 1342177280000 bytes (1.3 […]

A question I touched on briefly …

this person at Interop news goes into, in depth. The business person in me had difficulty understanding the acquisition. Sun didn’t have a missing technological niche the MySQL filled. MySQL had all the standard problems of growing a business, compounded by the Open source revenue model, which effectively eliminates distribution/redistribution revenues. There are many commercial […]

Another day, another JackRabbit …

Built a new one for testing in the lab, though it looks like it may have a happy home elsewhere (along with some of its brethren) quite soon. Previously, for our huge write test case, we had sustained about 612 MB/s way way outside cache for our 1.3 TB write. That was after the unit […]

Feedback is starting to emerge on the Sun|MySQL front

and it isn’t necessarily all positive. Well, ok, not on the acquisition, but on the current state of affairs prior to the acquisition. This is the interesting aspect of this. Sun is being viewed as a way to save MySQL. Don MacAskill of smugmug has some interesting comments. Quoting Don: Viewed 17634 times by 3729 […]