Another day, another JackRabbit …

Built a new one for testing in the lab, though it looks like it may have a happy home elsewhere (along with some of its brethren) quite soon.
Previously, for our huge write test case, we had sustained about 612 MB/s way way outside cache for our 1.3 TB write. That was after the unit had finished building the array, and been quiesced.
We are about 88% built, the array is still cranking, and I wanted to see what it could do with a few bits tied behind its back. Note that the rebuild is getting 4:1 of the RAID controller CPU.

root@jr1:~# ./simple-write.bash
start at Wed Jan 23 09:52:38 EST 2008
10000+0 records in
10000+0 records out
1342177280000 bytes (1.3 TB) copied, 1928.66 seconds, 696 MB/s
stop at Wed Jan 23 10:24:46 EST 2008
root@jr1:~# ls -alFh /big/
total 1.3T
drwxr-xr-x  2 root root   23 2008-01-23 09:40 ./
drwxr-xr-x 25 root root 4.0K 2008-01-23 01:49 ../
-rw-r--r--  1 root root 1.3T 2008-01-23 10:24 local.file

Uh huh.
This is not a RAID0 BTW, this is a RAID6. Which is still initializing as we run this test.

jrvs1 1 Raid6 6500.0GB 00/01/00 Initializing(88.2%)

This should be an interesting next few days. Will do the time trials, some baselines, some tuning, and I’ll see if we can take it to the test track and open it up .. see what she’s made of …
So, if you have some test cases, please, by all means, let me know. Pointers, URLs, private emails, posts here. Let me know.