DragonFly update: humming along …

Haven’t updated this in a while. Done lots of code/function clean up. Still have more to do, but to get it to a usable beta state is very much closer than it was a month ago. Lots of items are working … in a cool web 2.0 ajaxy sorta kinda way. And if we did it right, it gracefully degrades to average everyday HTML in the event that you want to shun javascript (sometimes a good idea in and of itself).
Whats working:

  • Most of the UI, need to hook up the help functions, set up a few more things to connect to … maybe 2 or 3 more things that fall into the “would be nice if” category. One major one, should be done today
  • File manager. This is working. Not a file manager in the way most people think of file managers, but more for the corporate “we aren’t allowed to delete or overwrite files/directories” mindset. We will add in that functionality for a later version, and give you the option to disable it. By the way, when you select an input file, it grabs the list of all possible files from your project directory, and presents them to you as a selection list. May need to work around some huge file directory issues, but it should be fine for the moment
  • Job manager. This is what prompted this article. I can query in html/xml, update fields in the jobdb, entirely via the web. See below.

Specifically for the job manager (pay attention to the “completed” field)


and then we execute a query …


and then look at the completed field again.


All of this backed up by replicable postgresql dbs, with separate db’s (so they can live anywhere).
Basically we yanked all the the hardwired stuff out of there … ok, most of it, we are working on untie-ing it from its inital DBs, and making the code better.
More later, its just that this is so nice and simple (and makes coding sooooo much easier).