On the retention of electronic data

One of the things I and many other people worry about is how to retain data for long periods of time. This means that the data has to be accessible, readable, and convertable. This suggests that only open formats and file systems should ever be considered for data storage and retention.
With this in mind, I read Robin Harris’ Storagemojo column this morning. Yeah, I would say he nailed it.

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12 hours into the new year, and I have 210 spam in my spam-box

This would be about 12.8k spam estimated for this month.
Last month I had 10.9k. I heard somewhere that someone said spam is decreasing.
My measurements (graphs over the last year) show quite the opposite. Our spam-box is on a per user basis. Each mail runs an annotation filter gauntlet. At the end of this gauntlet, it is classified as spam or not-spam. Not all mail reaches the gauntlet. Most of the “mail” gets rejected. I took out our grey-list function, as it wasn’t needed, and it delayed legitimate emails. That, and some mailers were horribly broken with respect to SMTP, and couldn’t deal with servers returning “450” messages. I will leave you to guess which company markets these on some … exchange …

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