Windows server 2008: sounds quite interesting

Componentized, stripped of all garbage^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hthings you don’t need in a server, modularized … Ok, so when can we play with it to see if it takes to our JackRabbits and clusters? We are loading almost all our OSes via diskless/CF, and I would love to do this with WS2k8. That and I want to get […]

If this is true, then it is almost a good thing

Read this, this morning on /. . In short Microsoft will implement its own GNU compatible environment. Why is it almost a good thing? Simple. There exists a great environment now, for all of this. Called Cygwin. I had been trying to convince the Microsoft people for a while now, to get behind this effort, […]

multi->many core

For a while now, privately, and publically, I have been suggesting to the good folks at AMD that they ought to build an 8 core chip, literally by gluing two quad Barcelona’s to a die and connecting them with Hypertransport. The point I have been making is that Intel is going to do something like […]

Target ubiquity: a business model for accelerators in HPC

I am a strong proponent of APUs, and accelerators in general. It is fairly obvious that the explosion in cores on single sockets results in a bandwidth wall, that we have to work around. The reason for many more cores, and for SSE and other techniques is fundamentally to increase the number of processor cycles […]

HPC market data from IDC

As reported on HPCWire. Major features: Server portion of the market is $11.6B growing 15.5% CAGR Over 5 years (2002-2007) the HPC server market has grown 134%, and is projected to reach $15B by 2011 What is interesting is that some of the markets grew in different ways than in the past. Viewed 17921 times […]

They’re back!!!

[Queue scary music] Ok, firewall rules turned on again. Hey DoSer … this gets old. We are blocking all mail from and Feel free to do the same. Update: Firewall rules on, DoSer goes buh-bye. Folks, we need to have zero tolerance for this behavior. Bug me offline if you want to see […]

There are reports and studies, and there is reality …

I have noticed something recently. Others have noticed it as well. It is hard to find talent in Linux and OSS technologies. Now before the crowds of gleeful non-OSS companies get on a marketing roll here, and quote me out of context (gee, like that’s never happened), it is worth asking the question “why”. Viewed […]

Every now and then you are reminded …

… that people don’t know about your products. Robin at StorageMojo reported on the death of Apple’s Xserve/Xraid unit. He noted … But with the Promise Vtrak arrays, Apple can now quote $1.12 per GB in 26 TB chunks. Pretty good! then asked If anyone else sees a similar config – 30 TB for $1.12 […]