multi->many core

For a while now, privately, and publically, I have been suggesting to the good folks at AMD that they ought to build an 8 core chip, literally by gluing two quad Barcelona’s to a die and connecting them with Hypertransport. The point I have been making is that Intel is going to do something like … Read moremulti->many core

Interesting take on bad CIOs, and some of the things they do …

/. linked to this story on I read it, and there are some gems. Things I have seen corporate IT leadership folks do.
While reading it, I was thinking “gee, wouldn’t it be funny if the problem of vendor favoritism showed up?”. That is, when specific vendors are chosen above others, not because of technological reasons, or valid business reasons, but because the CIO or IT leader wants to do business with people they know. We see this in the form of “approved vendor lists”. Which, as a small vendor with a better product than the competitors (better, cheaper, faster), is a high mountain to climb. We have to find and cultivate champions and “risk takers”. People who want to do right by their organization, its mission, and its share/stake holders.

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Target ubiquity: a business model for accelerators in HPC

I am a strong proponent of APUs, and accelerators in general. It is fairly obvious that the explosion in cores on single sockets results in a bandwidth wall, that we have to work around. The reason for many more cores, and for SSE and other techniques is fundamentally to increase the number of processor cycles available per unit time. SSE attempts to increase the efficiency of these cycles by allowing them to do more work per unit time. Similarly an accelerator is about efficiency … if you can provide more efficient cycles, many more efficient cycles, then you may be able to get a multiplicative effect.
The problem is, how do you package and sell this to users?

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They're back!!!

[Queue scary music] Ok, firewall rules turned on again. Hey DoSer … this gets old. We are blocking all mail from and Feel free to do the same. Update: Firewall rules on, DoSer goes buh-bye. Folks, we need to have zero tolerance for this behavior. Bug me offline if you want to see … Read moreThey're back!!!