Every now and then you are reminded …

… that people don’t know about your products. Robin at StorageMojo reported on the death of Apple’s Xserve/Xraid unit. He noted …

But with the Promise Vtrak arrays, Apple can now quote $1.12 per GB in 26 TB chunks. Pretty good!

then asked

If anyone else sees a similar config – 30 TB for $1.12 – let me know.

We can quote 24, 36, and 48 TB chunks, all under $1/GB.
I left a note in his comments, and I hope it wasn’t inappropriate; just a short informational pointer. This shows that we have lots more work to do to get the message out.
For those who didn’t see, we sustained 1.3 GB/s reads on 24 of 48 disks on a unit we are building now for a customer. 1.2 GB/s for writes. To RAID6. For 100 GB sized files in both cases. iSCSI numbers of ~600MB/s writes (to disk), and 450MB/s reads (from disk). Isn’t this a good message to get out? If $1.12/GB in 26 TB chunks is pretty good, I would imagine our numbers are quite good.