Found … a pair of quads ..

Searching all over. AMD has allowed the channel to be depleted. We are hearing from multiple sources that it will not be in the channel for a while.
This is frustrating. It is nuts. It will do absolutely nothing to help AMD’s bottom line, and, that is one thing AMD sorely needs right now.
All of our usual suppliers are saying they don’t have any.
Now I found one supplier with some, and we are having them overnighted.

When we take an order for a product, and based upon recent supply data, accept a PO, we are on the hook to deliver and make good on our order. When one of our critical component suppliers does not step up to make this happen, and allows the channel to be depleted, we are still on the hook to deliver, and it makes us look bad.
This doesn’t make me happy. We bust our rear-ends for our customers. One would hope our suppliers have a similar customer centric view. Some of them do. Some are stepping up in excellent ways, and enable us to deliver a better experience for our customers. Which give our customers a better sense of the suppliers products.
Or, not, if supply is constrained, and won’t be in channel for a while, and no viable alternative exists.
Why can’t we get, even TLB buggy units? Didn’t I post about this before? There is demand. There is just no supply.
We have RFPs that are demanding 30 day delivery ARO that we might need to forgo bidding these parts with.
I wonder how many people within AMD are as frustrated as we are?