How effective was our blocking of 2 networks for spam?

Well … judge for yourself.

graph showing discontinuity

Yahoo/ATT and the other guys … you have a problem you need to address.
Worth noting: The following are the IP/nets we are blocking access to port 25.


I do not believe in RBLs. Likely we are losing mail. But then again, the good folks at these sites did not seem to do more than auto-acknowledge my concerns over the use of their infrastructure to DoS us.
Maybe we need a “badly behaving” list. Not an RBL. But a list of sites who simply don’t listen to requests to fix their DoSes. Simply deny traffic from these folks for a week. See if “they get it” after their customers start complaining about things breaking.
Prisoners dilemma, tit-for-tat strategy. Looks to be the only one that will work here.