In order to block spam, we are now rejecting all mail from

I hope someone from reads this. I have sent email to, to, and so on. I have filled out the necessary forms on their website.
Yet, sadly, no response from them. So I have taken the minimal of draconian measures.
I put a simple rule in our mailer to automatically reject connections from If this is problematic for you, please send me email at I am joe.landman there.
It looks like this measure may be working. We will see. If not, the second draconian measure is to block them at the firewall level. My shiny new (very nice) firewall does a pretty good job of this, so if needed, that is where things will stop.
Hopefully we wont have to go beyond this, but we will see.
Update: Blocking at the firewall, well, their mail servers anyway. Then the same spammer tried going through * So they got blocked too.
Now, as I sit here watching incredulously, my spam volume has gone from 1 every few seconds to under 1 every about 5 minutes.
Ummm… folks at (aka YAHOO) and …. you have a problem.