Quads are in, and work … wish the power supply did …

I got the quads, and put the MB into the machine, replacing the old MB. 64 GB capable MB with quad core AMDs.
Plug it in, turn it on and
… whrrrr …. whrrr …. whrrrr …
Nada… nothing. No boot. Post bios codes are FF. Of course FF is not in the manual listing all the post codes.
Go figure.

Fine. Pull the MB out, put the old one in, the one I just pulled out to put this one in.
But… first build the unit on our test rig (outside of the box).
Old MB, which was working fine, and as a client to the JackRabbit yesterday, isn’t working today …
Ok. Go away, do something else.
Come back to this. A thought. What if the power supply is hosed? Try another.
Same thing.
And another.
Now the new MB boots.
Finish installing the rest of the components, leave on test rig, connect up the pegasus-a drive and light it up.
Up comes pegasus. With 16 GB ram, and 8 cores. Running Centos 5.1.
Tomorrow will pick up a new PS locally, have 2 on order.
Call it Murphu