Dear spam-meisters of the world

I am a (semi)poly-glot. Fluent (or barely so) in 2 languages. Can read characters of a third. If you push me hard (or give me time), I can even create my own mappings for a fourth (I did this with German and Cryllic/Russian when I visited Vienna and saw a war memorial).

But, and this is the important thing, I don’t know any of the rather large variety of languages you are sending spam to me in. I don’t know any of the asian languages, which I am sure are beautiful in their own rights. I cannot even begin to read them. I really don’t know russian/Cryllic. I don’t know similar languages, I can guess at characters but thats about it. I don’t speak Hebrew, Arabic, or most of the other languages, though I know words and phrases heard on TV and elsewhere. And so on.
What I am getting to is that I can’t read the majority of the crap that runs our email gauntlet and makes it … to my SPAM box. It doesn’t get to my email box. Just the SPAM box. Well, I am getting sick and tired of throwing away 10’s of thousands of messages per week, not having a fighting chance of reading them.
Would you be so kind as to spam me only in the languages that I can read? Oh … BTW: spamming me in Dutch, Flemish, … or other German-like languages is sort of like Cryllic. I can guess as to meaning/pronunciation, but I really don’t get it. It is lost on me. Which means that I completely ignore it.
Ok, so I usually completely ignore SPAM in the first place, apart from filtering for people/email caught in it.
Your spam-target, Joe.