Updated iSCSI numbers

to disk, real disk, not nullio. Single JackRabbit over 10 GbE NIC to another single JackRabbit iSCSI unit. Viewed 10621 times by 2019 viewers

Dear spam-meisters of the world

I am a (semi)poly-glot. Fluent (or barely so) in 2 languages. Can read characters of a third. If you push me hard (or give me time), I can even create my own mappings for a fourth (I did this with German and Cryllic/Russian when I visited Vienna and saw a war memorial). Viewed 10514 times […]

Wow …

some time in the last few days we hit 100k views. Well, this is a little misleading, as I installed that plugin about halfway through the life of this blog, and from what I have seen of the logs, the plugin counter is missing ~40% of the views (usually one page referrals). It also ignores […]

Sherlock Holmes moment

Read this at /. I guess it is not surprising that people would attempt to influence market forces to adjust the price they pay for labor. Increase the talent pool, and competition grows, lowering the price. Cool idea. [please note that this is dripping with sarcasm … I am an avowed capitalist and do not […]

Intel e5405

We are building a new version of a JackRabbit for a customer. During some of our testing, we booted it running SuSE 10.2 diskless, and I ran a GAMESS benchmark. We have been using this for years to exercise machines, and get rough performance comparisons. On 4 CPU Opteron 275’s with 8 GB ram, it […]

iozone patch to allow for larger tests

As noted a few times here, iozone as written, has numerous hard-wired quantities within it, some of which impede testing for large and fast systems. Here is a simple patch to fix one of the issues … Viewed 10349 times by 2247 viewers

sometimes ya gots to shakes ya head in disbelief

We submitted a bid for a cluster. A large one, and we were being very aggressive on price. Very thin margins, spoke with our suppliers to make sure we got the best deal we could get. Come the bid open and … we are on the high side. Some of the bids are lower than […]

New blog worth reading

My friend Doug O’Flaherty has a new blog. I won’t mention Doug’s affliation, as this is not actually part of his online persona … he is not a corporate blogger. My take is that he wanted to talk about what he was seeing, thinkingVariationen von poker regeln. and hearing in sections of the HPC market. […]