World record data transfer with a JackRabbit? … well … no …

On Sunday 2-March-2008, 18TB of data was moved 1050 km in 12 hours.
The network fabric and technology that brought this to being?
The US interstate system, and our truck. Physical transport of media is still the bandwidth leader.

This means that the interstate system transported about 1.5 TB/hour, or 0.42 GB/s. 420 MB/s
And yes, a JackRabbit did make its way across Ohio, West Virginia , Virginia, and finally came to rest in its new home in North Carolina.

2 thoughts on “World record data transfer with a JackRabbit? … well … no …”

  1. you could have gotten higher throughput with an airplane 🙂
    Google has made mental math obsolete:
    Google “18 TB / 12 hours” and it says:
    (18 terabytes) / (12 hours) = 436.906667 MBps
    You can also Google for “18 TB / 12 hours in gigabits per second”
    The units thing is really nice especially for physics problems

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