more from BioIT World Expo in Boston

Long day, spent most of it talking to people and groups. This is a small conference, attendance is ok, not heavy, not light.
Saw lots of people I know/knew. Some I met today. Met Deepak from BBGM in person, and a number of people I have conversed with in the past through email/phone. Saw a few old colleagues.
On the exhibits/discussions … some memes I see floating about, and have been hearing for a while.
Storage. Storage. Nuthin but storage. Who knew that storing terabytes of data, retrieving terabytes of data, and using terabytes of data would be hard? Ok, rhetorical. This is precisely what JackRabbit was designed to do.
BTW: for people interested, there is a little bit of paper at the booth which gives you a discount if you order a unit with the attached code. Please go visit them.
JackRabbit was designed to do this (move/store/retrieve huge data very quickly and cost effectively) in large part due to the memes I saw emerging about 2 years ago, where data growth rates were going to be more troublesome than computational demand. If you can’t store the data, why collect it? If you can’t retrieve it and distribute it to compute nodes, why try to do that?

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BioIT World 2008

Short … From blackberry. A number of people have noted what we have been observing, that life science users don’t want to pay for performance. Business models predicated upon higher price for perceived value of being faster won’t fly well. Similarly there is even more interest in storage.

Wherefore art thou, open source Solaris community?

Ted T’so did a good job of analyzing the current poor state of open source solaris as a community. He points to a number of community building and engineering failures (such as building a mercurial repository … really it is easy). He points to the marketing and business case issues. On a humorous note, he points to the response of a Solaris engineer to posts by David Miller on why Linux outperforms Solaris on some microbenchmarks.

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Liveleak and platform dependence

[updated] Liveleak staff support proved to be quite helpful. The issue may be less of a platform dependence as I had presumed, and more of a flash and (format/video) coding issue.
[update 2] Looks like it may have been a problem in the player for flash8 video. They fixed it, within about 3 hours of my reporting it. That is the sort of service we like to deliver to our customers. I appreciate this.

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Interesting …

At Storagemojo, Robin Harris has an interesting take on the evolution of storage systems. SNW is the past. NAB is the future. Storage is in the midst of a massive transition from an IOPS focus to a bandwidth focus. This is interesting to us, given how much bandwidth we can provide from our JackRabbit storage … Read moreInteresting …

Yeah, ok … whatever

So I checked logs. Like I always do, to make sure things aren’t broken. Since yesterday, someone from Italy, specifically IP address has been attacking our infrastructure. Their attack was a DoS. Try to bog our servers down way past the point that they could respond. They were not successful. Their ISP has been … Read moreYeah, ok … whatever