… and it is all so obvious to me now …

Yeah. 1 day with a Blackberry 8830. One day. Thats all I needed.
I am sold.
Best phone/device I have used. The Nokia E61 was close, but it didn’t work in the US on a 3G network. Palm Treo was good, but had too many issues. The windows hand helds are, well, not quite there. Windows mobile 6 is a *huge* improvement of windows mobile 5. That said, WM6 is IMO significantly behind BlackBerry on usability and performance. WM5 is a very bad joke. Both reminded me of windows. On a small device. Which is not a good thing. Your phone “crashing” should be something met with a surprised look, not “oh not again”.

I like the interface. It is simple. Spartan. No fancy bells and whistles. It just works.
Thats all I want in a phone. I want it to just work.
The email just works.
The browser just works.
Using it is simple. It just works.
Downsides are that removing the battery is hard. Well, maybe that is not a downside. I dunno.
No camera, and you know, I used that, what, like once every few months?
Kudos to RIM.
Did I mention, it just works?

2 thoughts on “… and it is all so obvious to me now …”

  1. I fully agree with the above.
    For getting work done – a blackberry is perfect.
    Email works – and is configurable.
    the browser (use opera) is quite ok.
    google-maps works well
    IM (yahoo or blackberry) works well.
    AND – you can do cut+paste between the apps.
    The most practical thing is, that all those apps can run at the same time in the background – and you can switch between them easily.
    Now just as a first-hand example howto NOT do it: The Jesus-phone !
    Nearly every aspect of it except the touch-screen is done wrong.
    Esp. that you cannot even cut+paste stuff makes it close to useless.
    you get a mail with an address – cannot paste it into google-maps.
    you find a web-page with some info – can’t cut and save it.
    you ran some app – press the button – killed.
    etc. etc. — it’s just so extremely flawed.
    But the key point is, that nobody who owns one wants to admit that it’s a royal

  2. Heh … I was sold on the usability, but what really seals the deal for me is that here we are 2 days after I last plugged the thing in for a recharge, having used it for an hour con call friday, and now it is has been getting mail every 10-15 minutes …
    and I still have more than 1/2 of my battery left.
    When I did this with either of the two WM phones, my battery discharged within 10 hours, usually 6-7.
    Oddly enough, I ran into someone in the Verizon store who had the same phone (the xv6800) that I was returning. She asked me why and I told her.
    Her response was that she was experiencing the same exact issues, was very pissed at the phone.
    HTC (the makers of that phone) aren’t known for very battery conserving phones. But that can’t be the only issue.
    On WM5 and WM6, if you want to conserve battery, you have to open the “ruinning program” menu entry, and kill all programs. Yep, to make it last, you have to lobotomize it. Then you can get, maybe, 24 hours out of it, as long as you have bluetooth turned off. Turn that on and down it drops.
    FWIW, bluetooth has been running continuously on the Blackberry.
    There simply is no comparison. Blackberry is just plain old awesome.

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