hrmmm …

So we have this counter plugin. And it counts slowly. I am not sure why. Looking over our logs, it seems that we have quite a bit of activity, though looking at the counter, it doesn’t look like it.
So, I installed StatPress. Since 10am this monring (7pm now) we have had over 1000 visits. Yet the counter plugin reports barely 150 visits. These 1000 visits are about 1/2 RSS feeds, page views, and related. About 150 spider visits.
Maybe thats what is counted by the counter plugin ? 🙁
Will update tomorrow. Yeah, John at InsideHPC got me thinking about stats.

2 thoughts on “hrmmm …”

  1. Joe – it is absolutely hopeless. Your only payer is to pick one measurement and go with that. Google Stats is different from AWSTATs is different from Webalizer and on and on.
    Or, and this is always fun, just pick the number that makes you happiest on any given day and go with that.

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