new (old) spammer tactic?

Been getting quite a few mails of a bounce/spam rejection from external mailers. Turns out someone is using my day job email with random spam mail. Some sort of filter poisoning? Prevent our mails from getting to others?
Obviously this must have an economic connection. But this is so specific, the only “logical” connections I can think up require donning a tin foil hat …

3 thoughts on “new (old) spammer tactic?”

  1. Howdy,
    I don’t think you’re being targetted – or if you are, so are we. I have a mailbox full of bounce messages this morning for spam that was sent using our addresses but didn’t originate from us.
    Similarly, on Friday, we noticed a big jump in spam getting through our filters.
    Looks to me like some large botnet spinning up – not sure where to go from here with regard to our spam though.

  2. We ran our own email server for many years. It got so bad we eventually gave up. We landed a beta domain gmail account several years ago and have been happy with it ever since. It’s not 100% perfect but it’s pretty close.

  3. Heh … we run our own email server due to the reason that our previous service did such a poor job of it.
    Though I complain about load, DoS and other things, at the end of the day, this system does a pretty good job of weathering whatever storms are thrown at it.

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