Some interesting tidbits …

A server reliability report is out, comparing OSes and machines. Had a few surprises in it. They did note that Redhat and others had good uptime. [] 1 >uptime 11:43:37 up 462 days, 21:23, 11 users, load average: 0.25, 0.20, 0.31 [] 2 >cat /etc/redhat-release CentOS release 4.3 (Final) that email is a real email […]

yes and no

Yes, we were knocked off the air for a bit today. No, it was not from load, hackers, etc. It was from a successful php upgrade. A long overdue one. You may have noticed the fancy coloration. Really, this happened automagically. I didn’t do it … I swear! The issue was an errant plugin, that […]

Cloud computing for HPC

John West of Inside HPC wrote a great response to my response to Deepak of BBM. My arguments were that to enable cloud computing to work economically, one has to consider all of the costs (infrastructure, pipes, computing, people, …). John’s response was that yes, and sometimes you need an act of congress to get […]

What is going on with SGI?

We are hearing about SGI wins on HPCwire and other venues. These should be good, and reflective in the stock price. Viewed 16027 times by 4337 viewers

Our anti-comment spam filter was targetted last night

Apparently someone out there really doesn’t like how effective the anti-spam effort was. Go figure. Update: Well looks like we weren’t the only one. The SK2 RBL was knocked offline. Fixed the problem on our end, looks like someone tested the scalability of the RBL back end. Viewed 9217 times by 1974 viewers

Replaced networkmanager with wicd on my laptop

Wow… what a difference. I am typing this on my laptop after firing up wireless with our WPA2 key. Through a nice simple panel. Wireless has not worked this easily in Linux since … well … ever. I used to think wireless in windows was easy, though some of the connection managers are annoying. This […]

An interesting bit on IT shops …

From /., they linked to this blog post. What tends to remain behind is the ‘residue’ the least talented and effective IT engineers. They tend to be grateful they have a job and make fewer demands on management; even if they find the workplace unpleasant, they are the least likely to be able to find […]

Good article, with tangential relevance to HPC

This was linked from Drudge or one of the other sites. Some of the articles writing is a bit on the biased side, and there are some things I don’t quite agree with. However, the thrust of the article (ignoring the title and other elements) is summarized in the last few paragraphs. Viewed 18495 times […]

that they are addressing this publicly speaks volumes …

… it means that they have to. That many others have asked. That this is a concern. Specifically I am talking about the MySQL acquisition by Sun. The article talking with the current VP of DB (former CEO of MySQL AB) is attempting to put to rest these fears. Unfortunately, the headline/title is designed to […]

… and it is all so obvious to me now …

Yeah. 1 day with a Blackberry 8830. One day. Thats all I needed. I am sold. Best phone/device I have used. The Nokia E61 was close, but it didn’t work in the US on a 3G network. Palm Treo was good, but had too many issues. The windows hand helds are, well, not quite there. […]