Replaced networkmanager with wicd on my laptop

Wow… what a difference.
I am typing this on my laptop after firing up wireless with our WPA2 key. Through a nice simple panel. Wireless has not worked this easily in Linux since … well … ever.
I used to think wireless in windows was easy, though some of the connection managers are annoying. This connected right away, no problems. Showed me which access points were available. Allowed me to set up auto detection profiles.
Maybe I can finally lose my scripts. The ones that sometimes sorta kinda worked.
Maybe Linux can lose NetworkMangler and replace it with wicd. The latter works. The former does not.

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  1. Hi,
    Your comments on NetworkManager are interesting – I’ve found it to work very well since Debian introduced it and would regard it as a major improvement in Linux wireless support. Maybe it’s built differently for different distros? What distro were you running into problems with?
    Good to hear of some healthy competition in th form of wicd either way – I was unaware of it until just now, maybe I’ll give it a shot.

  2. @Stephen
    Possibly … NetworkManager has not been a pleasant experience under Ubuntu. It sorta worked in Fedora. I wasted lots of time with it in the past, and finally just wound up disabling it.
    Wicd just works. It is scary how well it works.
    It lists all the access points for me. It takes my PSKs and allows me to save them within it. When I want to connect, push a button and viola, it connects. With WPA2 security.

  3. Your experiences with wicd sound like my experiences with NetworkManager under GNOME on Debian 4.0 (Etch) – pretty much exactly as you describe it in the last paragraph (with WPA, not sure if it’s WPA1 or 2 tbh).
    The one thing NetworkManager doesn’t do for me at the moment is allow me to specify different settings for my wired interface which I can select run-time. There is some support in GNOME’s network-admin for this but it doesn’t seem to play too well with NetworkManager – (love that url).
    wicd seems to have support for multiple different configurations for the wired adapter as well as the wireless, so I have it a quick trial on my Debian Etch laptop. Installation was pretty painless following their instructions and you can specify alternate settings for the wired adapter – but wicd doesn'[t seem to save them. I played around with this for a little while but there was no obvious solution to the problem so I rolled back to NetworkManager.

  4. @Stephen
    Yes, it does look like the alternative configurations need to be done via an new template. Some folks are fine with this (me), some might not be and want it automatic.
    Honestly, what sold me was the wireless. It just works (and it is scary, but it is now easier than Windows).

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