Wherefore art thou, oh earnings …

I had expected Microsoft to announce another record quarter after Intel announced their results. They two did go hand in hand. Well, it turns out that Microsoft did not do as well as anticipated. Nor did Intel.

Not that there is anything wrong with Microsofts’ $4.39B earnings on revenue of $14.3B. Nothing at all. Very good revenue. We would like something like this on our day job. Maybe sell 1.4M JackRabbits. Yeah, that would do it.
But the Microsoft’s earnings are down 11% over last quarter. Intel’s $1.4N net income on $9.7B revenue is not too shabby either. But it is 12% lower than a year ago.
Well, our economy isn’t doing great right now, so it is no wonder these are down. My question is what impact will this have on HPC and HPC spending?
People will need to do more with less. Projects may be canceled or budgets reduced. More effective use of systems, more cost effective systems.