What are people using to read this blog?

I make a rough guess that they are using the same tools they are using on their desktops or laptops. It is a guess. This said, some interesting trends emerge from ~2 months of data and 2000-3000 visitors per day. Viewed 16597 times by 3788 viewers

stability … boring old and simple stability

[xxx@yyy~]$ uptime 15:07:51 up 505 days, 47 min, 14 users, load average: 0.39, 0.35, 0.19 [xxx@yyy~]$ uname -s Linux 43.6 mega-seconds. For the pair of 1.6 GHz CPUs that are in here, this is a combined 1.4 x 10^17 clock cycles. Or for the chemists among us … this is 0.23 micro-mole of clock cycles. […]

Next JackRabbit “demo” unit being built

… and already 2 groups want it for a month, and at least one other wants some benchmarks. Benchmarks we have agreed to run on it to date, including the usual suspects, as well as a windows server 2003 R2 file streaming BM, and some others. Some are asking us to test with various IB/10 […]

You know you are old when …

your niece texts your wife over SMS, and she asks you “what does ‘KK’ mean”, and you have to google it. Hit my superego where it hurts … Viewed 17222 times by 4203 viewers

Thoughts on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS update

Well, after using it 3 weeks on my laptop, I am underwhelmed. 7.10 was much better. Everything just worked and there were no crashes. From Firefox 3.0-beta5 which broke about 50% of my plugins, through the sudden hard locks with the Verizon cell card (the other system did not do this), to the still completely […]

The economy of the future, and how not to create it

Call this an object lesson in what not to do. Well, to be fair, the idea, the fundamental concept is excellent. It on target. Its the implementation details that turn this good idea into a waste of time, effort, and money for those competing. Viewed 18008 times by 4479 viewers

high user load

Sorry folks, been incredibly busy for last 3 weeks. Very little time to comment on anything. Email box full of stuff I am working through. Will get back into this early this coming week. Viewed 16424 times by 4396 viewers

Frightening vulnerabilities …

There was a bit of a kerfluffle last week over weak random number generators and SSL for Debian and Debian based distributions. This vulnerability made it actually easy to crack a key generated with the OpenSSL code. Think about the basis for this risk. SSL is based upon hard to guess integers which are built […]


I have been a long proponent of meaningful benchmarks. Meaningful benchmarks are those that can be used with a reasonable level of predictive power to help in sizing and other issues. I am also a proponent of market/institutional knowledge … if you have been working in HPC for a while, you might have a clue […]