JackRabbit updates

A number of new things happening on the JackRabbit front.
First, 2 new models: the deskside unit with 15 drive bays, and the JackRabbit-M (JRM) unit with 24 drive bays. The deskside is targeted at groups running calculations on their desktops or small clusters, that need a local high performance low cost storage resource. The JRM unit is midrange between the JRS and the JR, with 12-24 TB raw capacity, and 1 to 2 RAID cards.
Second, pricing on all units has been updated. Every rackmount unit and most of the desksides are below $1/GB. Some substantially below this. Pricing on the high end 48TB raw unit is below $36k USD. The 24TB is around $21k USD.
Third, performance has improved some. We will detail this at a later time.
There are other things as well … go check out the site for more information.