long standing bugs …

Just updated laptop to Ubuntu 8.04. This is a Dell dual core unit, and while the phrase “remove it from my cold dead fingers” comes to mind (yeah, it is pretty good), some things in the new release don’t work well. Ok, well they do work better than before. But some of the “helper” bits are horribly broken. Suppose you want to install Cuda on this laptop (I did). And you want the new model Cuda aware driver (I did). lrm-video will do everything in its power to prevent you from doing this. So … a fast vim session with /sbin/lrm-video solved the problem. Cuda now works.
But other things don’t work well, like flash in a browser. Or Java in a browser. And this gets to the point of this post.

It is currently 2008. The bug to which I refer you to was filed in 2003. The fix will be available in 2009.
Umm…. er … ok.