Data size growth

I don’t have any hard numbers on this, but we have been hearing from various sources that data sets and data sizes are doubling every 6 to 9 months just in the Life Sciences market. Still looking for sources for this, but this anecdotal data suggests problems with retention, management, backup, data motion, … Viewed […]

Designing to fail

Every now and then we run into situations where someone just does not wish to succeed with their task or mission. Maybe they don’t like the mission, or the people, or the technology. They appear to be following the scope/plan of the mission, but their actions run counter to the goals that have been set […]

Bonnie++ for deskside JackRabbit

This is a 15 drive JackRabbit unit (under $6500 USD the way we have it configured), where we carved 2 drives out for OS, and built a RAID6 across 12 drives, with 1 hot spare. Just finished the other tests. Pretty pleased with the results. Still have to do driver and kernel updates, but I […]

Testing the new deskside JackRabbit

This unit will be (eventually) the replacement for our older central server at our new space (woo-hoo!!!!). Right now, taking to the test track as it were. Simple machine: 16 GB ram, 4 cores, 7.5 TB of raw storage. In a deskside case. Works well for offices. This configuration would be right about $5900 list. […]

Handling (accidental?) DoSing

We check logs to make sure things are working. Nothing like getting a huge number of failed requests to spoil your day. So some things stick out. Like 1 request per second for 10,000+ seconds from a single site. In this case, in France. Or a bot getting stuck in a calendar. Like the Microsoft […]

CUDA and acceleration

Took a Cuda class. Installed Cuda on my laptop. Well, 1.1 on my laptop. It has a Cuda class GPU (one of the things I made sure of when I bought it). 2.0 is in beta, and I think I will use that. A few minor glitches getting it going. Viewed 14852 times by 3462 […]

HP gobbles up EDS

Looks like the rumored deal closed. HP now has a generally well regarded services team, with deep US government connections. Going to give IBM a run for its money. The question is whom else will tie up? And how? EDS isn’t an HPC vendor/provider, but HP is. Which suggests that if there is money to […]

a rainy sunday morning … no Sun shine

This post at Storage Soupoffice furniture in Bulgaria eviscerates Sun’s moves in storage, and rips into thumper (x4500, which our JackRabbit competes with). Some of the writing mirrors some discussions I have had recently in terms of what has happened to Sun. Where are they going, what are they doing. Viewed 11151 times by 2204 […]

long standing bugs …

Just updated laptop to Ubuntu 8.04. This is a Dell dual core unit, and while the phrase “remove it from my cold dead fingers” comes to mind (yeah, it is pretty good), some things in the new release don’t work well. Ok, well they do work better than before. But some of the “helper” bits […]

Ouch … HPC and IT companies quarterly results …

Well, there is an economic slowdown going on, so we shouldn’t be surprised when Intel and Microsoft post slightly lower earnings. Some HPC companies are getting hammered though. SGI just announced earnings, or more correctly, losses for the quarter. You can read it online at Yahoo finance and others. They lost 14% today. Down into […]