Darned thing BSODs right away …

There we are, trying to use W2k3 server for the customer benchmark on JackRabbit. So we install it … or try to install it and …



No, I am not going to tear into Windows on this. W2k3 is old software kit. Yes, I did hit F6 to try to fix it, and add drivers. No, it never got to the point of letting me. Won’t spend more time on this. Maybe let Vijay figure it out. I dunno.

I guess we will use W2k8 RC2 for the benchmark. I am not unhappy about it … W2k8 works nicely there (first reasonable OS installation I have seen for any version of Windows, good job Microsoft). As long as the application will work on W2k8, I think the customer will be OK, but will check to be sure.

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