JackRabbit M on Windows 2008

Testing a JackRabbit M (24 bay unit) with Windows 2008 RC2. Initial impressions are that the installation of 2008 isn’t bad at all, though it seems not to recognize things on the motherboard, like NICs.
Administration is still painful … things are spread out over multiple guis, and you have to struggle to get IE to behave the way you need it. So much so that Firefox is now installed.
Will hopefully run SUA and some benchmarks soon. Prepping an IIS test for a customer.
Not sure what to think of 2008 yet, still early in the process. It does look like a step up from XP. Install isn’t nearly as functional upon completion as Linux. Still lots to add. The login password bit at the initial boot may be security theater.
Running 32 bit for customer, to test their app (IIS) the way they want to run it.