JackRabbit too fast for windows …

… or there is a bug in the performance monitor. While I would like to believe the former (that JackRabbit is too fast), the latter is likely true. Look at this image, and then see the highlighted second image. Discussion in a moment.

screen shot


zoom in to the screen shot showing the bug

Whats that? -1.97GB/s?
So this is running IOmeter. We are seeing sustained about 1.15 GiB/s +/- a bit. Bouncing all over the place though. Sometimes it drops to 600 MB/s, other times it sustains at 2+ GB/s. Hard to get a good read. Will be re-doing with Linux as soon as we finish these tests, where we can get a better feel for the performance.
Update: John and other Microsoft folks, how do I go about reporting this bug? Or is it a feature (causality breaking feature, but a feature).
FWIW: we have it sustaining about 1.35 GB/s on writes (according the monitor program reporting on Bytes per minute being written … something north of 80.8 GiB/min as I write this), under windows now. I think we can probably do a bit better in 64 bit mode.
Update 2: Doing sustained reads north of 1.5 GiB/s (93 GiB/minute according to the performance tool). It is also reporting 1.6 GiB/s on the performance bar.
This is 32 bit windows 2008. Imagine if we were running 64 bit. Maybe Microsoft should buy a few (thousand) of these 🙂