Agglomeration of news

First, by now you have heard Tesla-10 is out. This is a significant performance step up, and I believe it has double precision capability. This is a hardware acceleration platform. Roadrunner hit the PetaFLOP regime. What is important about this is that it did it at a lower power than many had predicted a PetaFLOP […]

Secure remote desktop with stunnel

This is nice. We have set up a secure remote desktop with Stunnel for Windows 2008 server on JackRabbit M. Vijay is working on doing some setup for our benchmarks, and I wanted a way to give him access while he works remotely. Sure enough, setup wasn’t too painful, simply follow directions at this link. […]

What he said!

Up early on a friday morning, working through todays’ issues and … found this article on Linux Magazine by the esteemed Doug Eadline. I was in on the discussion that he refers to, and pointed out that you do in fact get what you pay for, and that you will not get an engineered system […]

SUA impressions

A while ago, I had been advised to try SUA as part of windows. I was told it was much better than cygwin, and it is supported by Microsoft. Stuff will work, I was told. Well, of these statements, I can say I believe “supported by Microsoft” is probably the true one. Pulled down bonnie […]

Darned thing BSODs right away …

There we are, trying to use W2k3 server for the customer benchmark on JackRabbit. So we install it … or try to install it and … BSOD (growl) Viewed 9439 times by 1934 viewers

More W2k8 thoughts on JackRabbit M

So now you know that we are testing a unit with Windows 2008 on JackRabbit. Some of the things which struck me during this load were how initially simple the OS load appeared to be. It basically copied all it needed to the disk, rebooted, and installed. Ok, great. Except for the fact that it […]

JackRabbit M on Windows 2008

Testing a JackRabbit M (24 bay unit) with Windows 2008 RC2. Initial impressions are that the installation of 2008 isn’t bad at all, though it seems not to recognize things on the motherboard, like NICs. Administration is still painful … things are spread out over multiple guis, and you have to struggle to get IE […]