Secure remote desktop with stunnel

This is nice. We have set up a secure remote desktop with Stunnel for Windows 2008 server on JackRabbit M. Vijay is working on doing some setup for our benchmarks, and I wanted a way to give him access while he works remotely. Sure enough, setup wasn’t too painful, simply follow directions at this link.
Still have to order extra NICs and a new gigabit switch, but otherwise we are about ready to load test …

Previous versions of this have been able to serve (NFS) at ~95% of max theoretical over 4 gigabit ports. We will try for 8 (10, but the 2 on the motherboard are not supported by Windows 2008 drivers 🙁 ). This is our media serving test. After this, we are going to push hard on doing some kdb+ tests, some updated IOzone and bonnie++ tests, and a few other things. Then this machine is likely going to be re-configured and loaned to a few customers. Hopefully shipped by end of week … if all works out well.