What happened to Youtube? Why isn't it as good as Liveleak?

Youtube used to be “the” video site. Yeah, there are lots of competitors out there now. Sort of like social networks for a while. But Youtube has an issue. Click on an embedded vide in a web site or a blog, and it is at best a crap shoot as to whether you will get anything playing. Most of the time now, we don’t. This is true on Windows, on Linux, with the latest Flash.
Compare this to Liveleak whom I asked for help playing videos from. I pointed out the problem, and they fixed it for me, interactively.
Now Liveleak just works. All the time. No issues. None.

Google, are you listening?
I just submitted a note which summarized my and others experience with this across multiple different platforms, with multiple different browsers. Youtube is a complete crapshoot. There are web pages devoted to solutions to this problem.
Sadly, it appears that Youtube believes the problem is with Flash and not its code. Which is why their “fix” (which doesn’t work) involves removing and re-installing flash.
Sadly, most of the other suggested fixes, also, aren’t.
When, precisely, will Google and Youtube get down to the engineering required to fix this? If you need a test case, hey I volunteer. I can reproduce this problem 100% of the time. With almost any video.
Put another way. Your competitors worked their collective butts off to make sure their code worked for us. And you are ….