Not official yet, but …

… day job just joined Automation Alley. Will put an official announcement up soon.
Once this goes live, the day job will be offering discounted JackRabbit and HPC systems/consulting to other members. Part of this comes from a desire to grow our business in Michigan, part comes from an understanding of the Michigan economic realities.
If you haven’t heard about the state of the economy in Michigan, there is simply no way to sugar coat it.

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557 days … and then I (accidentally) yank the power plug

We are prepping for the move to the new facility. Nicer digs, and we are moving some infrastructure over.
Our main internal server has been (until about 11pm this evening) up for 557 days. Continuously, no down time. Planned or unplanned.
Of course, all this means is that, as time goes on, some klutz is gonna do something silly.

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Expected lifetime (e.g. how long until a hacker pwnz it? or put another way, how long until you lose control of this ) windows system on the internet? 4 minutes. While the survival time measured varies quite a bit across methods used, pretty much all agree that placing an unpatched Windows computer directly onto the … Read moreYow!

Horribly convoluted Linux kernel build processes (for a distribution)

Suppose you want to build a new kernel RPM that incorporates a different kernel (slightly up or down from distribution baseline). You want to turn off all their patches, and simply build the kernel, the headers, the -devel, …
Can you do it?
No I am serious… can you do it? The following is a bit of a rant. Borne out of frustration with things that are designed broken (IMO).

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

In reviewing a new rev of some product that competes with our JackRabbit unit, I noted that the new rev actually copies a number of the good ideas we have been using in our JackRabbits for quite a while. I am impressed 🙂 I guess if you can’t beat em, join em.