557 days … and then I (accidentally) yank the power plug

We are prepping for the move to the new facility. Nicer digs, and we are moving some infrastructure over.
Our main internal server has been (until about 11pm this evening) up for 557 days. Continuously, no down time. Planned or unplanned.
Of course, all this means is that, as time goes on, some klutz is gonna do something silly.

Well, I’m the klutz.
While pulling a power plug out of the PDU, I didn’t notice I had dislodged the adjacent plug. The PDU fits into the UPS, and it noticed a slightly lower load.
Strange how that is…
Its as if the server were … er … off …
Brought it back up. Disks are being checked as we speak. Logs replayed, data is ok.
websites should be live, though I might have to manually restart a few (its interesting how many domains this system handles).