Windows 200x impressions after using it for testing

We are in the midst of Solaris 10 testing for a customer. Explaining why Linux is so much faster (and more stable) on the hardware is getting old. So I’ll take a break and talk about the windows 200x experiences we had recently.
A customer wanted to see performance on a number of things running on Windows 2003. They had a particular application that runs on it, and wanted to see what we could do with JackRabbit.
Sure, no problem, we like doing these sorts of tests.

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zfs un-benchmarking

So we have Solaris 10 installed on a JackRabbit-M. According to Sun’s license, as I have learned last night, we cannot report benchmark results without permission from Sun. Sad, but this is how they wish to govern information flow around their product.
Our rationale for testing was to finally get some numbers that we can provide to users/customers about real zfs performance. There is a huge amount of (largely uncontested) information (emanating mainly from Sun and its agents) that zfs is a very fast file system. We want to test this, on real, live hardware, and report. Well, we can’t do the latter due to Sun’s licensing, but we did do the former.
Paraphrasing Mark Twain: “Rumors of zfs’s performance have been greatly exaggerated”

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Scalable Informatics 6% sale

Day job (actually company) has been in business 6 years, and is having a 6% sale to celebrate! Basically any hardware (including JackRabbits, our Pegasus many core workstations, and HPC clusters) purchased and paid for in month of July 2008. Ping me if you would like info about any of these things.