Bandwidth woes, hopefully a thing of the past

In moving to our new facilities, we changed from an 11 Mb/1.5 Mb line to a 6 Mb/0.8 Mb line. This was due to the availability of service to that area. Yeah, we could do a 1.5 Mb/1.5 Mb T1 line, but this is slow compared to what we had, and our experience with SLAs suggests that they aren’t honored as we might like.

So we installed the 6 Mb line. And rapidly discovered our maximum speed was, to our horror, 1.5 Mb/0.6 Mb. This after we were promised the 6 Mb/0.8 Mb line.

I had spoken with other providers. Sadly, Verizon and FIOS won’t be coming here any time soon. A shame, we could use the bandwidth. Fused T1 quotes we had for 3 Mb was in the $450+/month regime.

Along comes Comcast business with 16 Mb/2 Mb line. Will take a little while but once it is done, I think our bandwidth woes will be over. Experience with the Comcast at the old site suggests that we shouldn’t have a problem with it. And we have the 1.5 Mb DSL to back it up.

I still want FIOS, but 2 of these lines would get us 32 Mb/4Mb, and they indicate that 50 Mb/5 Mb is coming per line. This suggests that once enough competition emerges that offers the higher speed, so will they. Price is reasonable for this, far better than DSL.

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