of all the amateur … dumb … silly errors I have ever seen, this one tops them

… and of course, I made it. And then went on vacation. No I am not kidding. Yes, I tested it. No, not the way I should have…

Yeah, after our move, I redirected www.scalableinformatics.com to our new site. Yessirre. I really checked it out. Carefully. Wouldn’t want to make an error. Like directing it to the wrong machine. Nosirree. Wouldn’t want to do that.
Too bad. Thats what I did. For the last 10 days, it has been pointing at a different machine from scalableinformatics.com. Both are our machines, one just serves a very different function. And it doesn’t have a web browser.
Fixed it. Got lots of “are you there?” emails.
The moral of the story … leave no test undone, don’t think you are smart, and come up with new ways to break/test it. Chances are someone will if you don’t. Only in my case, the test it was typing our URL into a browser that didn’t get its DNS from our internal servers….