JackRabbit-M update

JackRabbit-M [you will be able to order these online in short order from our store]. More tests, more burn in. I will describe this unit in a moment. We are taking this one out to the test track. Running a few time trials. Cracking the throttle. Wide open. Viewed 12447 times by 2114 viewers

On being a 2 x 4 (on being a two by four)

For those not familiar with this vernacular, a 2×4 (two by four) is a bit of wood, 2 inches by 4 inches in cross-section. It is sometimes brandished as a defensive or offensive weapon. You use a 2×4 to beat someone into submission … or, more correctly, a metaphorical 2×4 … lest you wind up […]

that was boring …. wordpress 2.6.1 upgrade

No … really boring. Click click click …. (iterate N times) click. You are done. Whatever happened to those fun moments of abject terror when you realized you just blew away an important DB table … Good job WP folk. Viewed 9819 times by 2094 viewers

Bandwidth woes, hopefully a thing of the past

In moving to our new facilities, we changed from an 11 Mb/1.5 Mb line to a 6 Mb/0.8 Mb line. This was due to the availability of service to that area. Yeah, we could do a 1.5 Mb/1.5 Mb T1 line, but this is slow compared to what we had, and our experience with SLAs […]

you may have noticed the sparse posting …

… no, I haven’t left the building. Been on vacation this past week in lovely northern Michigan. In Mackinac to be precise. Going to St. Ignace and the Soo locks today (St. Sault Marie). Should be fun. Weather is lovely, had some great morning pictures of the sunrise over the waters on the north shore […]