Sadness … but understandable

/. reports on a wired story which covers the demise of fundamental physics research at Bell labs.
For those who aren’t aware, your ability to read this on your electronic device is directly as a result of fundamental physics research at Bell Labs. The vast majority of computers these days are based upon transistors. Which was invented at Bell Labs.
Yeah, you might say “so what”.
Curiousity driven research can sometimes pay back in a big way. Not always, but when it does, it does it quite well.

2 thoughts on “Sadness … but understandable”

  1. Hi Joe,
    I can sympathise, I spent almost 8 years working in a government R&D lab in the UK and it had won at least 3 Queens Awards for the research that had come out of that place, right up to the point where they changed it from an “Establishment” to a more commercially focused “Agency” looking more at applied research. After that, no more Queens Awards (to date)..

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