Cheapskates? Nah… really?

John West at points to an article on fault tolerant servers and the push to get them into HPC systems. One of the key soundbites is something John feeds up Supercomputer customers are known for spending big bucks on exotic technology, but they’re also notorious cheapskates. That’s why Linux and the clustering of commodity […]

… and the market reacts …

5.56% of value wiped off the books. Right now we are at 10,523.07 on NYSE. 6.9% drop on NASDAQ. S&P 500 is down 7.05% All this just today. Folks, this is about to get bumpy. 5% of market value just evaporated. Thats $50B of each $1T of market cap. A billion here, a billion there, […]

wondering aloud …

… if the fluctuation-dissipation theorem holds for what we are seeing in the economic state. Basically this theorem describes the power spectrum of the Fourier transform of a particular state variable in an system at or near equilibrium subject to external driving forces. That is, it helps you figure out where most of the driving […]

SGI releases 2nd quarter results

You can see them here. $93,8M revenue, $29.5M gross profit. COGS of $64.4M. OPEX of $58.1M. Operating profit (loss) is $29.5M – $58.1M or -$28.6M (or for the accounting types with us ($28.6M) ). When they are done with the rest of accounting, their net income is ($35.1M) or -$35.1M. This is a net loss, […]

CSD in restructuring to reduce costs

I wasn’t aware of it until Doug pointed it out in our comment section. Short version, Clearspeed is in significant cost reduction mode right now. Reducing R&D to fulfill existing orders, reducing cost structures, etc. My follow-on comment addressed the interim results. You can see their share price versus time here on Yahoo. The decline […]

Mention of JackRabbit in use at Wirth

See this article on HPCwire (and another on SupercomputingOnline). Last month was one of our best JackRabbit months ever. In this market, with IT management under pressure to deliver better faster high performance storage service for less money, the case for JackRabbit is compelling. More soon though. I promise! Viewed 15482 times by 3466 viewers

Unwelcome surprises

There I am, working on an RFP response. Figuring our partner needs this in word format, the laptop is booted into windows xp. Word 2003 is up. Several hours worth of work. Saved often. Oh, you already know where this is going? Viewed 16350 times by 3657 viewers

A nice loading test

A customer presented a nice test to us. We thought we had a good loading program going, running the units at heavy load for extended lengths of time. And these are good loading programs. But they weren’t as intensive as this customers. They run 8 bonnie++ jobs simultaneously on the system. So we ran it. […]