Cheapskates? Nah… really?

John West at points to an article on fault tolerant servers and the push to get them into HPC systems.
One of the key soundbites is something John feeds up

Supercomputer customers are known for spending big bucks on exotic technology, but they’re also notorious cheapskates. That’s why Linux and the clustering of commodity x86 servers took off a decade ago, essentially wiping out the market for vector supercomputers and nearly knocking out RISC architectures.

Well, that is one way of looking at it …

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wondering aloud …

… if the fluctuation-dissipation theorem holds for what we are seeing in the economic state. Basically this theorem describes the power spectrum of the Fourier transform of a particular state variable in an system at or near equilibrium subject to external driving forces. That is, it helps you figure out where most of the driving force behind observed changes in that state variable are, while measuring the dissipation or irretrievable loss of energy in the system.

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Thoughts on the impact of the credit market meltdown on HPC

It remains to be seen if this is happening, but …
Along comes company X, who wants to buy a large HPC system. They call up company Y, and asks them to build a system design and quote for them.
Off Y goes, works through everything, gets updated pricing. They notice that all their T&C from their suppliers are suddenly Net-cash terms. Basically buy it, but pay with a credit card or other immediate instrument. Wire us the money. Something like that.
Hmmm. Ok, then Y goes to its financial group and says “we want to sell X an HPC system. What terms can we extend?”

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SGI releases 2nd quarter results

You can see them here. $93,8M revenue, $29.5M gross profit. COGS of $64.4M. OPEX of $58.1M. Operating profit (loss) is $29.5M – $58.1M or -$28.6M (or for the accounting types with us ($28.6M) ). When they are done with the rest of accounting, their net income is ($35.1M) or -$35.1M.
This is a net loss, but it is lower than previous net losses by $4.6M. Their revenue increased $14.8M or so.

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Mention of JackRabbit in use at Wirth

See this article on HPCwire (and another on SupercomputingOnline). Last month was one of our best JackRabbit months ever. In this market, with IT management under pressure to deliver better faster high performance storage service for less money, the case for JackRabbit is compelling. More soon though. I promise!