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New unit being built for another customer [JackRabbit orders are multiplying like bunnies] [root@jackrabbitm ~]# dd if=/big/big.file of=/dev/null … 10000+0 records in 10000+0 records out 83886080000 bytes (84 GB) copied, 51.8149 seconds, 1.6 GB/s [root@jackrabbitm ~]# cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemTotal MemTotal: 33011556 kB Yes. We did just stream a file more than 2x the … Read more [sigh ….]

Interesting observations on performance focus

Again, on the excellent InsideHPC.com blog, John West points to a blog at Intel with an interesting observation:

I wonder if the academic computing universe is splitting into two camps: those where students deal directly with architecture, low-level languages, concurrency, and performance, and those where students stay at a higher level of abstraction (typically expressed with Java or Python)?

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echos …

I don’t mind tearing into bad implementations of an idea or product. If the thing isn’t good, criticism can help focus where it needs to improve. The trouble with this is when the criticism arrives too late, or is rejected out of hand by those who would benefit most.
No, not being self righteous. I am just as critical of our stuff, our products and mis-steps as I am of others.
But the issue at hand is when criticism arrives too late, you have long-lasting echos to deal with, and then you have to work around poorly thought out designs, or poor implementations, … .

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