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Agami has left the building

I should have posted this back when it happened, but I seem to have let it slip. An article in the Merc has some information on Agami going bust. I had seen “Scalable Storage Systems” announce its existence, but hadn’t heard details. And for some strange reason, I never looked into why Agami wasn’t there […]


A bit OT, but I thought it would be fun to share. Viewed 17004 times by 4185 viewers

Financial updates in a dangerous economy

John West at InsideHPC.com pointed to an article at Barron’s about SGI. Before I get into this, I want to note that I had wondered whether or not we would continue to see (massive) oscillations in the market, as it effectively dissipated valuation, or if it would start tending towards an asymptotic lower limit … […] + nVidia …. I think it is working …

Only took this … sh ~root/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-177.80-pkg2.run –kernel-output-path=/lib/modules/ -k –no-runlevel-check –kernel-module-only –no-x-check and some tweaking of the installed kernel source (strange, it wasn’t ‘make prepare’ ed already) [update] nope … but I understand the cause. The build machine has a different compiler than the target machine. As a result, the compiler on the target machine […]

QDR switches are here, QDR switches are here!

(channeling Steve Martin in “The Jerk” when talking about the new phonebooks …) 40 Gb ports. $400/port or so. See InsideHPC.com for more. For any Voltaire folks reading this, feel free to fire over a loaner QDR switch and pair of cards. We would love to see if the pair of JackRabbits we are finishing […]

The impact of the financial state upon HPC

HPC in general has demonstrated time and again that it provides value in up and down markets. The real value of being able to get (even approximate) answers to “what-if” questions has not been accurately measured or accounted for. Moreover, much engineering and R&D work depends critically upon simulation. I expect companies to be far […]

Personal supercomputing, as long as it’s under $10k USD

The John’s (West and Leidel) at InsideHPC.com did a nice study on personal supercomputing at the site. It is worth a read. In short, they found people would find such boxen useful. But they don’t want to spend more than $10k for them. This is interesting at many levels. Matches up very well with informal/anecdotal […]

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Yes folks, thats right. Everything I now write for the [insert cluster distribution list] will be moderated, or more likely, simply discarded. I guess people don’t quite know how to treat their friends and supporters. I need to seriously rethink writing articles like this in the future. Go figure. Viewed 15596 times by 3519 viewers