Because … you know … its like so totally a good idea …


Posted this to the Rocks list as a result of the question asked:

ntwrkd wrote:
> It sounds to me that Rocks may need an HCL. I’m not sure how many
> people have hardware compatibility issues, but I can’t get it to run
> on commodity.
Rocks shares an HCL with the underlying Redhat/Centos release. The issue is usually kernel version, and that ‘new’ hardware support is often lacking in current Redhat supported kernels.
You can get around this if you can update the kernel during install to a later model (2.6.18 has a number of issues with current hardware, various Supermicro and related MBs with similar chipsets).
Unfortunately adding device drivers using the dd= boot line has been somewhat of a problem, as you need exactly the right device driver disk for the release of your RH kernel. And some dd disks don’t (as we had discovered) work well with the Centos kernels.
If the rocks team are up for it, it would be nice to be able to delay assigning the interfaces until after a time in the future, say “rocks NIC assign” or something like that. Give the users the chance to update their kernel first, to get the right device drivers onto it. This would solve a number of other problems as well (not just network) relating to file system, etc.

and this is what I got back

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Yeah. Good move folks. Real good. Noticed that it had been on for a few more posts as well.
Ok. What I take home from this is the the administrators in that community want

Yeah. This is how to build and grow a community. Many adjectives come to mind. None of them are complementary.
Folks, if you participate in this community, get introspective about this. Decide if my notes on security, or the help I have provided over the years, or the packages I have written, or the rolls I have created are worth keeping around. Let the admins know how you feel. Let me know.
Unlike them, I will not censor you, even if I disagree with you. And remember, if you say something that they aren’t happy with, you too may be left on the outside.
[update] 20 hours after I posted it, it went through. I guess the moderator approved. Selective moderation of a productive community member is called censorship. Just be aware it can happen to anyone who writes anything that the censors [moderators] disagree with. I heard from a few folks over the past couple of days about this as well. This says something profound.