Fresh new kernel … now mix in the nVidia driver and … Do'h!

Just built it this morning, as I wanted to test out a few things tomorrow. So I loaded it on the build machine. So far so good. Everything works. A bit faster too. Hmmm…. maybe it forgot to scale the processor speed down during idle?
Will look later.
Ok, this machine has an nVidia Quadro FX/1100. Nice graphics card. Pull down the latest nVidia drivers, build them, and … nothing.

In dmesg output there is

[ 562.450469] nvidia: no symbol version for struct_module

I am pretty sure I have the right headers. Will check again … but this is annoying
Could be pilot error though, as this is a build/testing/development machine, and I have lots of kernels on it. Far too many.
[update] Looking more and more like pilot error. I need to reload the build machine anyway. Will do this later in the week. Might try the 8.10 Ubuntu beta.
[update 2] Ha! It was pilot error. I screwed up the installation of the headers. Problem fixed. nVidia drivers now install fine.