Hardening security on your Rocks system(s)

We now understand the attack vector. Turned out to be simple, and some of the things we have done have now closed that door. It was a pretty simple door, but still worth noting. BTW: some don’t like early disclosures of exploits. I have heard from ~6 people (off the Rocks list) since posting that […]

Rocks system under attack

A customer has a Rocks cluster, and it was compromised yet again. We have tried hardening the system, but it appears that there is another vector, associated with key loggers and windows machines. Viewed 11756 times by 2264 viewers

status update

One of our ISPs does indeed have an outage today. SLA? We don’t need no steen-keen SLA … We have redundancy. Viewed 9258 times by 1929 viewers

Perfect storms

The term Perfect Storm represents a coincidence (temporal or spatial near simultaneity) of events that cause a much larger effect than any one of the events normally would on its own. Perfect storms are in some ways, a superposition of events. Every now and then you get to see one in action. Like now. Viewed […]

… and something took down one of our links …

(or how to fail without really trying) We have a redundant pair of links into our site. Long history of seeing outages take down even (supposedly) SLA covered systems. This is why when I hear of SLAs for these systems, I snort in finely honed derision. They don’t work in these scenarios, and arguing about […]

Why I am blocking hotmail.com

No protest against Microsoft which owns that service. Just the unfortunate fact that hotmail is apparently the conduit now for a DoS attack against us. No, its not working. But I am assuming that someone somewhere has managed to corrupt the inbound mail access at hotmail. Have discarded about 12000 mails in the last 12 […]

to be a 2×4 or not to be a 2×4 that is the question

what if you discovered that your efforts in trying to win business were in fact being used to lever some other group down, and the groups speaking to you were simply there to use you as a lever. Or a 2×4 (two by four: basically a large block of wood used for support in framing, […]

Indeed a glutton for punishment …

OFED 1.4-beta1 on IA64 (actually this is Ubuntu 8.04 server on IA64) in the office. I need a machine to act as a source/sink for IB for some testing. root@itanic:~# uname -a Linux itanic 2.6.24-19-mckinley #1 SMP Thu Aug 21 01:16:49 UTC 2008 ia64 GNU/Linux root@itanic:~# ifconfig ib1 ib1 Link encap:UNSPEC HWaddr 80-00-04-05-FE-80-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00 inet addr: […]

Cargo cult HPC

This is a short thread of thought, which was triggered by a casual browse through Wikipedia on another topic (for an article I swear I am writing, right now, as I er … uh … write this). Way back in graduate school, we all had read Feynman’s book. Call it required reading at the academy. […]