Pictures from Ohio Linux Fest

You can see us (and a ΔV) in all its glory … here …
Me talking to someone:

Joe talking to someone about ΔV

I am the guy without so much hair (on his head), and black JackRabbit shirt, and the water in his right hand.
Here is the “booth”

Scalable Informatic's booth with a ΔV slightly right of center and a Pegasus many core workstation on the lower left ... thats also our Cuda box

Here is a picture of Doug looking as tired as we both felt …

Doug at the booth ... there wasn't enough coffee there ... nope ... nosiree ... not enough coffee ...

But wait … there’s more! we had a very nice … I can’t say enough nice things about nVidia cards, nice nVidia card in our Cuda box, which we used to … er … run a desktop
That was streaming something like 7 movies from ΔV while we were rotating a number of OpenInventor and WRL (VRML) models using the OpenInventor ivview. Of course, while we were doing that, we were playing with the desktop snazzy interfaces … and what resulted was this movie.
Please note that all of the movies came from the internet archive, and are redistributable, and viewable without restriction, according to their site. All models are either the open ones we had created, open models found online over many years, or included in the packages.
Movie 1
Movie 2

Thanks to John Boker for putting these up on Picasa. Let me know if you have more, would love to get them up there.

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  1. Cool. Is it possible to buy them with no drives (assuming I want to use my own drives with a custom firmware) ?

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