Reaction to ΔV

We showed off a unit at the Ohio Linux Fest this past weekend. We had it streaming anywhere from 3-10 videos while doing lots of other things. Needless to say, the interest there was striking. We gathered a great deal of good feedback, as well as quite a few (hopeful) leads.
I had set up apache2 to stream movies from the Internet Archive that I had pulled onto the machine for other tests. I set up several iSCSI targets, and used my laptop and the deskside Pegasus box (4x Opteron 3.0 GHz cores with 32 GB ram and an awesome nVidia board) as initiators. Had Gnome and compiz running on Pegasus, with lots of effects enabled.

This was test marketing for us, to gauge reaction to several things, as well as to show ΔV and see how people viewed it. So far only one deskside request, and that one wanted hot swap drives. No one asked for Solaris on it, everyone wanted seamless Windows/Linux integration with it. Had I had some additional bits installed, we would have shown vmware running on it (alas I didn’t have those bits, and my Verizon card didn’t work on the floor … oh well).
Good show for us. Pleased with all aspects, apart from the lack of sleep…