One thing we continuously struggle with are users who decide to get the lowest cost (and often lowest quality) motherboards. You wind up spending so much extra time/effort to get these things to work correctly, that it completely overwhelms any cost savings you may have even thought to realize by buying them. Have one of … Read moreMotherboards

When "communities" pick their friends and enemies

I recently had a run in with one of the “leaders” of a cluster management system. This person decided I went over the line in reporting on a security issue, our forensics, and how to go about helping prevent it in the future. Previously, I had been warned for daring to point to a benchmark document.
Despite being a contributer to and a supporter of this technology, this offering, having written articles on it for magazine publication, having helped many customers use it … this “leader” decided that I had crossed a line. And another “leader” suggested (ignoring the years of past history) that, and I quote, “put oars into the water.”

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SC08: the wrap up (probably part 1)

SC08 has been over for a few days. I have multiple impressions, and will try to outline them here. Please post your impressions as well.
First: Being in Pervasive Software’s booth was great. They are a great group, with an interesting product. As they noted, most HPC is not Java, and they get that it won’t be for the forseeable future. That said, I think they got lots of good feedback from potential consumers of their product.

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SC08: Day 2, as the market tumbles …

One of the aspects about being on a show floor all day, talking to partners, and prospective customers, is that you sort of have to ignore whats going on around you in the market outside of the walls of the center.
The stock market closed below 8000 today. Some of the more traditional HPC stocks have been whalloped. Like SGI. On a day when the market dropped 5%, they dropped 16.8%. Current market cap at $22M. The news about their financial fortunes seems to be out of whack with the perceptions of end users who named it a “company to watch in 2009”.

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SC08: Day wrap-up

I saw many things at SC08 … first off, most of the people we saw running disks were running some sort of multi-pipe direct attached storage with RAID0’s. Yeah, this shows bandwidth real well. Not how users really run them, but it shows some nice inflated numbers. Compare this with a RAID10 running over a single iSCSI 10 GbE connection. Most folks are used to slow iSCSI, and can’t believe our numbers, until they see them.

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